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The Value Proposition

A key element of everything that KCS Corporation does is individualized attention to all aspects of project delivery, client's needs and project constraints.  A key component of the project team’s goals is to be RESPONSIVE to the needs of the client.  KCS Corporation’s approach to project management stresses the importance of a mutual understanding of project goals and objectives at the outset of the project, and keeping clients well informed throughout the course of the project


The attention that KCS Corporation provides to every assignment is evident from the selection of EXPERIENCED project team members that have the knowledge and resources needed for efficient project execution.  The team members are constantly aware of budget and schedule to meet the client’s and firm’s financial goals.  They utilize a variety of standards and procedures to execute projects in a COST EFFECTIVE manner.


The team members bring INNOVATIVE solutions not only to the design of structures but also execution of services while improving financial margins. KCS Corporation has developed standards and manuals to be routinely used for efficient and consistent execution of all our projects




John Frank

Ph: 847-490-8200








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